Project: Place OUT!

Place OUT! is an initiative focused on increasing youth protagonism and leadership in non-urban areas across the EU. By applying Urban Regeneration – a conceptual framework focused on improving physical and environmental aspects of areas – the programme aims to increase the implementation of generative youth-led place-based policies for the sustainable regeneration of rural territories in the EU.

This 24-month programme takes place from December 2022 to November 2024 and will will cover four project territories in the EU with a similar profile of marginality regarding economic, social and cultural dynamics:

  • Province of Badajoz, in Extremadura (ESP)
  • Chalkidiki area, in the province of Thessaloniki (GRE)
  • Mugello valley, in Toscana Region (ITA)
  • Gabrovo Province, in the Gabrovo Region (BUL)

These non-urban areas are often far away from cultural, social and economic dynamics which makes it difficult to acquire the knowledge to effectively regenerate non-urban areas. Place Out! wants to address this issue by providing educational and supportive methods to lay the groundwork for regenerative action to encourage young people to provide input in the generative process.

PlaceOut! is part of the European Youth Together project (Key Action 3) that aims to build networks – in close cooperation with young people – that promote regional partnerships. The programme will be realised in partnership with the project consortium: Wazo, AAH, and Ecosystem Europe, three local institutions: Ijex, UMCM and Gabrovo Province, and three trans-national organisations: LAMA, DemSoc and IMHUB.

Start Date:  01/12/2022

End Date:  01/12/2024