Ecosystem Europe was born in late 2013 because of a growing need to get young people to think about their future and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Where are we now? Why are we here? Where do we want to be? How do we get there?
These are all questions we must ask ourselves, if we really believe that the future can be bright for us and for all living things on the planet.

Society needs facilitators who can create the leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. We aim to create a favorable environment for access to innovative, flexible and attractive applications for students, educators and entrepreneurs, thus achieving a working balance between society, economy and the environment.

For nearly a decade our team has been involved in various projects and initiative, gaining essential experience in working with business and academia, which gives Ecosystem Europe the opportunity to actively motivate a change in traditional educational paradigms and understanding of sustainable development. A much needed driver for a transition to a circular economy.


We adapt and develop various educational programs, working in a dynamic environment in collaboration with local and international partners. Thus we manage to quality products in line with national educational requirements and international methodological innovations. As a result of our efforts and cooperation with schools, our resources are constantly used by a network of over 50 formal and non-formal educational institutions nationwide (e.g. Lessons from Nature, Homo Responsabilis). Within Ecosystem Europe we focus on delivering annual out of school courses, targeting educators, school and university students.


With natural principles and ecosystems as our inspiration, we help businesses and young entrepreneurs analyze and manage various environmental aspects. We provide interactive and online instruments and methodologies, lean and informal approaches to enable managers to re-design their business models and improve their environmental performance.

Ecosystem Europe has a team of established professional consultants in implementation of formal environmental management systems (EMAS) and measuring ecological and carbon footprint ( As a result we are responsible for the first to EMAS registrations in Bulgaria.


On 8 March 2015 Kamen Chipev perished in an avalanche incident in the area of Yavorov hut, Pirin mountains. He was co-founder and chairman of the board at Ecosystem Europe. He was the soul and the driving force of our association. His work was an inspiration for many interested in innovative approaches to sustainability through training adults, educating young people and consulting companies. He loved Charlie dog, mountains, peace and happiness …

He will be much missed.


Stoyan Faldjiyski is a co-founder of Ecosystem Europe. He holds a BSc in Industrial Management, MSc in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development and MSc in Primary School Pedagogy. He has consequently worked in industrial ecology, climate change campaigning, environmental education and trainings. Through the years, he was part of many international projects that resulted in ongoing professional networks and friendships. Stoyan is foremost inspired by the natural world and loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible. His wildest dream is to see a world that lives as one.


Milena is also co-founder and board member of Ecosystem Europe. She has a Masters degrees in finance and environmental protection. In the last years, she has worked at international level for community based initiatives in the areas of protection the biodiversity (e.g. ecotourism projects), climate change (energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources), sustainable land management including land degradation (e.g. organic farming) and few projects in protection of international waters.


Rayna is a person with many qualities. Her professional career meet President Zhelev and the Croix d’Honeur. More about her is coming soon …


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