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Place Out! Overview:

Place Out! is an Erasmus Plus project co-funded by the European Union, focused on the design and implementation of youth policies in EU non-urban areas, with the aim of increasing dialogue between youth and local institutions.
Place Out! primarily unfolds across four non-urban areas in four European Union countries:
– Province of Badajoz, in Extremadura (ESP),
– Chalkidiki area, in the province of Thessaloniki (GRE),
– Mugello valley, in Toscana Region (ITA)
– the Gabrovo Region (BUL)

In these territories, the project carries out activities focused on knowledge-building, training, and dialogue to facilitate communication between young people and institutions in the development of youth policies. To achieve this, the project leverages the practice of Spatial Regeneration, beginning with the identification of unused, abandoned, or underutilized spaces characteristic of the project territories and, more broadly, rural areas in the EU.

From December 2023 to April 2024, the project realized:
– a thematic research on the socio-economic conditions of the four territories, with references to the broader EU framework.
– a needs assessment involving young people and institutions in the four territories.
– four Maps of abandoned and underused rural spaces in the four territories of Badajoz Province, Mugello, Gabrovo Region and Chalkidicki.
– a series of online webinars (from March 6th to April 24th), targeted at European youth grassroots organizations.
– a series of online webinars (from April 4th to April 23th, targeted at European local institutions.
– a series of training and local events realized in the four project territories.

The final phase of the project, spanning from April to November 2024, focuses on facilitating dialogue and collaboration between young individuals and local institutions of the project territories. The aim is to culminate in the creation of a shared document addressing the topic of youth policies in European regions.


Date: May 28th to May 31st
Location: Almendralejo, Extremadura (Spain)
Topic: Youth policies and Space Regeneration in EU Non-Urban Areas
Participants:  A total of 12 young individuals under- 35 and 4 local institution members from province of Badajoz, Mugello, Gabrovo Region and Chalkidicki
1) to increase competences about youth policies in non-urban areas
2) to create network across eu project territories
3) to share experiences among project territories
Activities: Trainings, Roundtables, Field Visits and Experiences Sharing.
Costs: All travel, food and accommodation costs will be covered by Place Out! project

From May 28th to May 31st, Place Out will host a mobility activity in Almendralejo, Extremadura (Spain).

During the mobility, a group of young individuals and institutions from Badajoz Province, Mugello, Gabrovo Region and Chalkidicki will have the opportunity to engage in discussions concerning youth policies in non-urban areas of the EU. Mobility will be an educational, participatory, and exchange-focused endeavor,
facing the topic of youth conditions and youth policies in non urban areas.

The project will involve 12 young individuals under the age of 35 hailing from the province of Badajoz, Mugello, Gabrovo Region and Chalkidicki, alongside four representatives from local institutions in those territories.

Participants will acquire expertise concerning the improving of youth condition in non-urban areas through spatial regeneration practices starting from the experience of the project participant and the expertise of the project partners.
The methodology adopted will be project-based, facilitating active involvement and collaboration among participants that will be engaged in discussing and formulating guidelines for a document aimed at enhancing youth policies in rural EU regions. The mobility will include trainings, roundtables, and field visit in Almendralejo Municipality.

In addition to young people and local institutions, experts from the partner organizations of “Place Out!” will also participate in the mobility. These experts will bring with them specialized knowledge and skills in the field of non-urban area development and youth policies, and will collaborate with the young participants and local institutions to provide technical support, lead discussions, and contribute to the formulation of guidelines to improve youth policies in rural regions of the EU. The mobility will be lead by The Democratic Society, with the participation of Lama Impresa Sociale, Beecom, Wazo Coop., Ecosystem Europe, Gabrovo Municipality, Unione Montana Dei Comuni del Mugello, Instituto de la Juventud de Extremadura, Impact Hub Global.

Place Out! is co-funded by the European Union.


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  • I agree to be featured in photos or videos that will be taken during the event and used by the Project Partners and the European Commission for communication and promotion materials for the course and the Place Out! Project and other non commercial activities directly related to youth participation and non-urban regeneration
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