Launching the Standard for Mountain Guide

We are happy to announce that the Standard for Mountain Guide qualification which was developed as part of Mont Guide + project was officially validated in Romania.

Development of the standard is one of the main results from the project and is a result of the mutual efforts of all the partners. Some of the innovations that this standard brings:

1. adding “green” competences (environmental protection, responsible and sustainable tourism);
2. integration of the learning curriculum into the standard;
3. introduction of clear evaluation criteria;
4. the modular structure of the vocational training and the compulsory assessment of the competences acquired within each module.

Due to these innovative elements, vocational training and evaluation can be carried out in a unitary way at national level and in accordance with the level of training in countries with old traditions in the European Community.

These elements also represent a first step in terms of transparency and professional mobility for mountain guides.

At the same time, the Standard ensures the adaptation of the mountain guide’s occupation to the demands of the tourist market and represents the basis for the development of quality tourism, sustainable tourism, which will ensure both the protection of clients and the environment.