YOUNESSES is connecting young people (aged 14-18) with businesses that are looking to support innovative thinking and ideas (e.g. as part of their community and/or social programmes). The platform will offer an online space to young people to present entrepreneurial project ideas aimed at solving social and/or environmental challenges students have identified in their school, community or for humanity as a whole.

Through the platform businesses will then be able to select and support an entrepreneurial project by either mentoring and/or funding it.

Young people will develop their entrepreneurial projects based on an innovative learning methodology and content “Green Entrepreneurship Europe (GEE)” freely available online to all Bulgarian schools from the beginning of the new school year (2017/2018). At the heart of GEE are nature inspired entrepreneurial design solutions and their application in solving challenges of today’s world.

YOUNESSES is also a project with research added value. It will provide increased statistical data, on one hand about the capacity of young people in Bulgaria to become designers of their desired future and to develop entrepreneurial initiatives; and, on the other hand about the interest of businesses to support those initiatives.