Third project meeting SU.RE.TO.TOURISM PROJECT

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2023, partners of the SU.RE. To. Tourism consortium met in Limassol, Cyprus, to hold the third Transnational Project Meeting.

During this meeting, partners have review of the progress achieved on the project results and deliverables, planned and organize the testing of the online platform by representatives of tourism SMEs in each of the project countries and have discussed the next steps on quality, dissemination and management of the project.

Project results

The consortium has already developed the Digital Skill Card, a skill set which focuses on the areas of sustainability for SMEs in the Tourism sector, and has gathered this information in the Training Curriculum Development.

Currently, the consortium is working on the Content Development of the modules, which are part of the Training Program and consists on learning materials divided in chapters according to the units that have already been created by all partners. The objective of this upcoming material is to collect tools and knowledge on the key skills needed by entrepreneurs operating in the Tourism sector, to increase the sustainability capability of tourism SMEs and to harmonize with modern standards.

The project is co-funded by European Union.