Project: SURE to TOURISM: Sustainability as a Recovery Tool for Small Tourism Businesses: Environmental & Social Responsibility in Tourism

Despite the efforts by governments to support the recovery from the pandemic, the tourism industry experienced a strong decrease in investments compared to pre-crisis levels. Considering the large share of the GDP that the tourism industry contributes to many European economies, it is crucial that additional efforts provide the industry with the tailored support needed for a sustainable recovery. That is why the project is aiming to develop a package with recommended initiatives to promote a green recovery of the hotel industry, including recommendations for hoteliers on behavioral and technical measures to create rapid cost effects and implement hygiene and safety regulations into their daily operations and a step-by-step approach to facilitate the implementation of GHG reduction measures. In addition, upskilling and the use of digital solutions can offer substantial assistance to small business owners in order to transform their touristic products and service into a unique sustainable experience.

The period until the total recovery for the Tourism Sector, although a difficult and uncertain time, can also be seen as a preparatory period for the transition to the updated face of Tourism. This recovery period offers an opportunity to adjust to the developments and trends in the industry that was already apparent before COVID-19, such as:

  • the growing interest in sustainable tourism;
  • digitization of the tourism experience and
  • increased importance of authenticity and adaption to the personal needs of travelers.

Start Date:  01/11/2022

End Date:  31/10/2024