Circular economy in the classroom

Dear readers,

In December we made an educational tour around Vidin, Ruse, Varna and Sofia. Our target was to introduce the circular economy to students aged 15 to 19. It was great fun; we say a big thank you to all participants (>350 students and their teachers).

During those hours we swam in the magical world of prof. Gunter Pauli and his Fables, we questioned problems and looked for solutions, we eliminated waste, as we know it, from human systems. First in the classroom and later on at home.

We chose waste is a prime topic for two reasons. On one hand, it clearly illustrates the impact of the linear economy on our world and Planet. On the other hand, is clearly contrasts between human and natural systems. It was also an easy to grasp concept since we all consume, young and grownups, and every day. More about our responsibilities as consumers can be found on КонсУмувай (only in Bulgarian).

In the classroom out waste was spent coffee that we transformed into food thanks to the all mighty mycelium!

The tour was an introduction to our unique educational project Green Entrepreneurs Europe. We are stirring biology, chemistry and entrepreneurship in the same pot; a surprising symbiosis between nature and business emerges.

We are guided by the stars, no by instructions!

All welcome to join!