Kicking off with NBS Academy!

Dear colleagues and friends,

After a nearly two-year break, we are rolling up our sleeves again with an inspiring and promising educational project – the NBS Academy. As many of you know nature, students and fellow teachers have traditionally been at the center of the educational content we have been developing for 15 years. We won’t disappoint you this time either.

Also traditionally, the project is innovative and will provide resources based on the latest scientific and practical developments from the old continent. And more specifically in partnership with universities from Sweden, Austria, Germany, Cyprus and Greece. Our partners for Bulgaria this time are the colleagues from the National Center for Improving the Qualification of Pedagogical Specialists. We believe that the circle of partners will only expand as the project unfolds in the next three years.

Exciting times are shaping up, such as a training of trainers in the city of Giessen, Germany (2024) and one for teachers in the city of Volos, Greece (2025), as well as virtual reality (VR) trainings. And this is just a wink. Much more exciting content is to be discovered. More information can be found on the page dedicated to the project in the Projects section of our website.

So, stay tuned for news here and on our facebook profile.

See you soon!