European Scientists Night (FRESH), Ruse

On 30 September in the city of Ruse and 200 more in Europe the European Scientists Night took place.

The event is to translate science in a common language, to help us see the scientific applications in our everyday lives, to show the social role of scientists. And of course, to add flavour to the social and cultural lives in the cities.

In a workshop for students and teachers we presented fragments of our latest work on a teaching programme for out-of-the-classroom education including topics as “world-nature-entrepreneurship-values systems-design-future“. We believe that it worked out well and we thank the students and teachers that took part. The feedback we are already incorporating in the teaching programme.

We also say thank you to the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the invitation and we want to congratulate them on the excellent organization of the event.

See you next time!