Project: Transfer of innovations in corporate and social responsibility from German tour operators to tourist companies in the countries along Danube River

The aim is to promote sustainable product offers in all the countries of the Danube region. The project encourages a sustainable tourism development contributing to environmental protection along the value chain, while considering local and national characteristics. At least 80 companies improve their resource efficiency (water, energy, waste, etc.) for at least 20%.  By means of a systematic sustainability assessment of the companies a monitoring system is implemented that facilitates, from the beginning on, an evaluation of the sustainability performance and helps to identify improvement potentials. In addition, a network is constructed to encourage the exchange between the companies.

The project aims at small and medium tourism enterprises, such as hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, incoming agencies, destination management organizations and marketing organizations. Also employees and partners of the company will be included in the sustainability process.

Start Date:  01/01/2016

End Date:  30/11/2018