Green Entrepreneurship Europe (GEE)

The GEE (Green Entrepreneurship Europe) project aims to bring together the twin necessities of a green economy and increased entrepreneurship that provides meaningful jobs and restores our natural wealth. GEE will improve the capacity of schools to teach the key competencies and skills for young people to take an active role in building the green… More

Capacity building of Ecosystem Europe

The project is implemented in partnership between Ecosystem Europe Association and Business Foundation for Education. It presents a collection of measures designed to improve the functional and administrative capacity, as well as promote Ecosystem Europe among stakeholders. The general objective of the project is to build the capacity of a modern and resilient non-governmental organization,… More

Summer academy: Education for the future

Together with partner National Students Ecoparliament, we will offer a selected group of 12 secondary school students a 5 day outdoor course (summer academy), where students will take part in participatory exercises and games, and discussions, along with presentations and videos. The main goal of our project is to lay the foundations for future entrepreneurs… More

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