Place OUT!

Place OUT! is an initiative focused on increasing youth protagonism and leadership in non-urban areas across the EU. By applying Urban Regeneration – a conceptual framework focused on improving physical and environmental aspects of areas – the programme aims to increase the implementation of generative youth-led place-based policies for the sustainable regeneration of rural territories… More

Green skills for future Tourism

In recent times, attention on sustainability is increasingly growing. The Next Generation EU dedicates great part of its funds to ecological and green transition, while the new European Green Deal provides an action plan to make the EU’s economy sustainable, in line with SDGs from Agenda 2030. In order to seize these opportunities, it is… More

SURE to TOURISM: Sustainability as a Recovery Tool for Small Tourism Businesses: Environmental & Social Responsibility in Tourism

Despite the efforts by governments to support the recovery from the pandemic, the tourism industry experienced a strong decrease in investments compared to pre-crisis levels. Considering the large share of the GDP that the tourism industry contributes to many European economies, it is crucial that additional efforts provide the industry with the tailored support needed… More

Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism

Tourism is among the key drivers for socio-economic progress and contributes to employment and economic growth, as well as to empower rural, peripheral or less developed areas.

The project is designed to enable “Storydoers” to develop:

Storydoing skills: digital narrative skills for digital and social media platforms; Digital competences: to reduce the digital dividing of… More

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