Project: Digital Story Doing for Local Tourism

Tourism is among the key drivers for socio-economic progress and contributes to employment and economic growth, as well as to empower rural, peripheral or less developed areas.

The project is designed to enable “Storydoers” to develop:

  • Storydoing skills: digital narrative skills for digital and social media platforms;
  • Digital competences: to reduce the digital dividing of local tourism businesses of rural areas;
  • Social competences: for community engagement and sustainable development of rural areas.

For this reason the project will produce free educational resources to teach storydoing skills for:

  • Improving the competitiveness of rural businesses that operate in tourism and related sectors;
  • Developing the capacities of rural businesses to design and promote sustainable local tourism experiences based on Storydoing.

The primary target group consists of entrepreneurs and workers, aspiring storydoers, of local tourism businesses of rural areas: TA & TO, Small Hotel Accommodation & Guest Houses, Restaurants, Tour & Mountain Guides, Transport companies, Museums, Other local tourist services like farms, bakeries, breweries, etc.

Start Date:  01/12/2024

End Date:  01/12/2023