Green tourism has been increasingly promoted over recent years due to growing concerns about environmental sustainability in many different industries worldwide.

Research studies continue to show that travelers prefer companies that embed green or eco-friendly practices into their operations. Travelers are coming to expect that tourism businesses will become sustainable in the same way they… More

European Scientists Night (FRESH), Ruse

On 30 September in the city of Ruse and 200 more in Europe the European Scientists Night took place.

The event is to translate science in a common language, to help us see the scientific applications in our everyday lives, to show the social role of scientists. And of course, to add flavour to the… More

Circular economy in the classroom

Dear readers,

In December we made an educational tour around Vidin, Ruse, Varna and Sofia. Our target was to introduce the circular economy to students aged 15 to 19. It was great fun; we say a big thank you to all participants (>350 students and their teachers).

During those hours we swam in the magical… More

Startup Europe Week on the Danube River

We visited the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Why so? Well they are a cool bunch of people but there was a reason more serious than that. Startup Europe Week was taking place. The event was super nice. Full room, representatives of all sort of stakeholders. Many different opinions and moods :). We presented… More

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